FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions that we are commonly asked. If you are unable to fine the answer to your question, feel free to give us a call
(206-682-7670) or send us an email at 

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Do you ship?

Sorry, no.

Can I order meat via your email?

For best results, call us at the shop at 206-682-7670, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. You will receive faster results using this method..

Where do I park?

You can enter the Market at 1st and Pike and drive for several blocks looking for a hard-to-find, free parking spot. Meter parking on Western Avenue below the Market and the streets surrounding the Market are other options. Several parking garages are located on Western Avenue where the largest one is connected by a sky bridge to the Market. Many merchants offer validation stickers with purchase to this lot which is run by the Market landlord.

Where do they throw fish?

Please! Voted the most annoying question by my crew, these friendly guys are right next to us. Or you can call them at Pike Place Fish, 206-682-7181.

How long have you been in business?

Since 1969.

Is there a Don and Joe?

The original Don and Joe were my father, Don and uncle, Joe Darby, who started the business in 1969. I worked for them growing up and eventually bought the business from them in 1986. Dad died in 1987 and Joe died in 2007. So, now there is only a Don, Jr.

Do you make your own sausages or hams?

We make all our own sausages on site using good, fresh meat that we grind and season ourself and use natural casings and time-tested recipes. We are not allowed to operate a smoke house in our location. We feature Hempler’s bacons and hams from Washington state and other fine, local smoked products. We carry Bavarian Meats landjaeger and an assortment of jerky, pepperonis, and meat trail mix

Can we buy whole beef, lamb, pigs, etc?

We no longer sell hanging beef by the half or quarter for “locker meat.” Believe it or not, beef processors do not want to sell it to us that way anymore. It’s kind of sad. You can still by fresh whole American Lamb. They average about 45-50 lbs. and take about a week to get in. At this time we are no longer selling whole pigs. 

How do I get in touch with other business in the Market?

Contact the landlord (Pike Place Development Association)-PDA at 206-682-7453.

What kind of meat do you sell and where does it come from?

Our Choice and Prime beef comes from Washington Beef in Eastern Washington. Choice American Lamb is from Superior Farms (West coast) and the Rosen Company out of Colorado. Provini brand veal is from Wisconsin. Fresh pork is from various companies, Washington-grown chicken and some Free-Range chicken are from Draper Valley.

What hard-to-find meat items do you handle?

If people buy them, we carry them. Example: lamb tongues, kidney, head, hearts, liver, fresh ground lamb. Beef sweetbreads, tripe, feet, Rocky Mt. Oysters, suet, fresh tongue, hanger and skirt steaks. Pork liver, chitterlings, feet, caul fat, pork fat, neck bones. Veal sweetbreads, brains, kidney, tongues, hind shanks and ground veal.

Exotic meats or game?

We usually have fresh ducks and rabbits, duck confit, capons, baking hens on hand. Many other items are available most Tuesdays or Fridays with a day notice from Nicky USA which is out of Oregon. Pheasant, quail, wild boar, venison, etc. are available. Check their website (www.NickyUSA.com) and call for a price and availability.

Why should we fight the traffic to come see you?

Good question! I’m sure you can find meat closer and cheaper at other stores, but we�re worth it for the following reasons: A. Owner-operated business. I work a full schedule and make sure we put out a good, fresh product and treat you right! B. Personal Service.Need help with the menu? How much do you need? What cut works best? Need it boned or frenched? I have a very experienced crew with many years of helping customers. C. Selection. All kinds of meat are purchased from the best vendors. You think all meat tastes the same? I’ve tried a beef tenderloin from a warehouse store–sorry, it tasted like cardboard compared to our filet! D. Value. Check out our meat packages–great to load up your freezer. We have weekly specials and good buys such as our “Working Man Special”. E. Pike Place Market. The Market is filled with unique owner-operated businesses, craft people, farmers, and restaurants. We will make your trip a lot more fun than going to the grocery store!